From today 24/3/20 - we will no longer be able to offer routine services. We (or any veterinary surgeries in the UK) are not be able to offer: neutering, vaccinations including second vaccinations, any routine operations or  routine appointments.  By law, we are only allowed to see emergency cases.  If you have an animal that is in urgent need of veterinary attention please phone the surgery and we will assess the situation. 
The safety of our clients and staff is paramount with the current situation we need to do everything we can. Always phone us first. If you have been given permission to attend then please phone the surgery to say that you have arrived in our car park. If our phones are busy we will pop back and foward to the car park to check who has arrived.

We are now requesting that you stay in the car park (unless there are exceptional circumstances) while we examine your animal inside the surgery. We will come to the car park to collect your pet and return them once they have been examined. Discussion will either occur at a 2m distance or over the telephone.  Our front door will now be locked at all times.  Please phone us when you arrive.

For repeat prescriptions including flea and worming treatment, please phone in advance, we will ask you to pay over the phone. When you arrive to pick the prescription up, please could you phone us again and we will bring it to the car park to you, so you do not need to enter the surgery.

Please do not come if you have the corona virus symptoms - a continuous new cough or a high temperature.  If your animal is ill in these circumstances please telephone us.
If you have an animal with a non-urgent problem, with the current corona virus state of emergency it may be suitable to send us an email with a picture. We will then phone you back and discuss the case.  The cost of this will be £23 payable before speaking to the vet.  Not all problems can be dealt with in this way, and it is never as thorough as examing the animal.  There are lots of things we can not do this way such as chest auscultation, abdominal palpation and any diagnostic tests.  For all urgent cases continue to ring us as our email is not checked on an emergency basis.
The situation changes on a daily basis so please bear with us. Please check our facebook page as we will be updating this when we need too. The coming months are going to present new challenges every day, as the government says we must all work together, we appreciate your patience and continued support.

In-House Veterinary Laboratory

Our in house Swansea vets laboratory offers a wide range of services. We can carry out blood tests with results the same day, ensuring that we can investigate problems readily. This means that we can initiate treatment within a much smaller time frame. We have facilities to investigate urinary problems, including dipstick analysis, measuring the concentration of urine via urine specific gravity (by refractometry) and sediment analysis. Our microscope enables us to look for parasites such as mites, from skin scrapes that we can take the same day. Occasionally we have to stain slides in our laboratory to differentiate between different cell types.

Llanelli Veterinary Laboratory

Swansea Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography in Swansea

We have a state of the art digital x-ray machine in Swansea, which enables us to take images of the highest quality for your pet. We also undertake BVA hip scoring and elbow scoring for any potential breeders. Taking xrays can allow us to detect fractures in bones, allow us to see foreign bodies, we can see stones that form in the bladder and any abnormalities in the shape of abdominal organs.

Swansea Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound Scanning in Swansea

We have an ultrasound scanning machine. This enables us to scan hearts, abdomens and lumps. We have a variety of probes, the long straight or linear probe can be used to see images that are very near the surface of the skin in which you are scanning (for example horse tendons or a lump on the skin). The convex or short very curved probe can be used to see much further, such as into and abdomen. Ultrasound scanning can give a lot more detail on soft tissues, such as gut or liver than an Xray can.

Swansea Veterinary Surgery

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Llanelli Veterinary Surgery

154c Sandy Road,
Llanelli, SA15 4DP

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