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Pain Clinic & Physiotherapy

Dates of Clinics

Faith Referrals will be visiting Gibson & Jones Vets in Swansea once monthly. The following are the expected upcoming dates for the clinics:


Mon 19th Dec – location tbc


Wed 11th Jan – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)
Wed 25th Jan – Seren Vets, Carmarthen


Wed 8th Feb – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)
Wed 22nd Feb – Seren Vets, Carmarthen


Wed 8th March – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)
Wed 22nd March – Seren Vets, Carmarthen


Wed 5th April – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)
Wed 19th April – Seren Vets, Carmarthen


Wed 3rd May – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)
Wed 17th May – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 31st May – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)


Wed 14th June – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 28th June – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)


Wed 12th July – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 19th July – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)


Wed 9th August (Physio Only) – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 23rd August – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)


Wed 6th September – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 20th September – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)


Wed 4th October – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 18th October – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)


Wed 1st November – Seren Vets, Carmarthen
Wed 15th November – Gibson & Jones Vets, Gowerton (Swansea)

Pain Clinic Services

Faith Referrals is a referral-only veterinary pain management, rehabilitation, anaesthetics, palliative care and physiotherapy service located in South Wales. The clinics are operated by Dr Katie Smithers BVSc PGCert(VPS) CertAVP(VA) MRCVS, who is an RCVS recognised Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Anaesthesia and the chartered physiotherapy service is provided by Manessa Faal – Chartered Physiotherapist.

We work with patients undergoing surgery as well as those living with acute and chronic pain. We work to identify and localise your pet’s pain, based on physical exam and diagnostic tests. Once we identify the cause, we create an individual multi-modal pain management plan for your pet. Pain management and physiotherapy improve the recovery process from surgery, illness, injury, and chronic pain conditions. We welcome referrals for canine, feline and exotic patients and advice requests from veterinarians.

Some examples of patients that may benefit from consultation:

  • Patients with pain not responding to routine analgesic therapy
  • Patients with back pain
  • Patients with osteoarthritis
  • Patients with developmental orthopaedic disease (eg Hip dysplasia/ limb deformities)
  • Patients with neuropathic pain resulting in over-sensitivity to non-painful stimuli
  • Patients with post-operative pain (eg orthopaedic surgery)
  • Patients with pain associated with cancer
  • Prehabilitation prior to surgery to prevent or reduce post-operative pain
  • Patients with behavioural conditions secondary to pain

For further information please ask your veterinary surgeon or visit the website at

Dr Katie Smithers

Manessa Faal

Manessa Faal

Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy Services

It is hard for animals to communicate when they are in pain or have sustained an injury and they will often hide pain and discomfort. Chartered Physiotherapists utilise a wide range of assessment techniques in order to locate and treat problem areas, and therefore help you to maintain your dog’s health and fitness, whether they are a show, working dog or pet. If your dog exhibits or suffers from any of the following, they may benefit from the input of a Chartered Physiotherapist:

Neurological conditions

  • Elbow/Hip dysplasia
  • Age related joint stiffness, decreasing function/ mobility
  • Wounds
  • Spinal stiffness/ Soreness/ Intervertebral disc disease
  • Lameness
  • Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Trauma/ soft tissue injuries to tendons, muscles and ligaments
  • Weight or inactivity/obesity problems
  • Uncharacteristic behaviour changes

During the physiotherapy session a detailed history will be taken followed by gait analysis and clinical palpation.

Treatment will be provided as necessary and may include:

Soft tissue work – massage, myofascial release trigger point release

Joint mobilisations

Exercises – stretches, strengthening and proprioception exercises

Electrotherapy – ultrasound, TENS, muscle stimulation and LASER, Microcurrent, PEME, thermo or cryotherapy

Thermoplastic splinting for orthopaedic and neurological issues

Hydrotherapy – Treadmill and Pool based sessions

Gait re-education


M J Faal Chartered Physiotherapy consultancy offers physiotherapeutic consultancy to humans, canine, equine, domesticated and exotic subjects.

The practice is operated by a Chartered and state registered Physiotherapist providing high quality physiotherapeutic assessments and treatments for riders in order to improve symmetry, balance and posture, through both mounted and dismounted sessions, in addition to bespoke physiotherapy sessions for canine, equine, domesticated and exotic subjects.

M J Faal Chartered Physiotherapist is available for Clinics, Individual Sessions and Demonstrations and is registered with:

  1. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  2. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
  3. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT) with Category A status

Manessa has extensive experience, qualifications and training within both mainstream and veterinary physiotherapy.

  1. Physiotherapy (University of Bradford)
  2. Veterinary Physiotherapy (Hartpury College) with over 20 years’ experience working with large and small animals

M J Faal Chartered Physiotherapy is set to provide the highest quality treatment for both you and your pet.