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Lab Services

We have our own on-site laboratory with brand new machines and are able to offer a huge complement of tests. Many of our tests will give same day results, some in as little as 20 minutes. We have a close relationship with one of the leading veterinary laboratories in the country and any test that we unable to perform in the clinic can be arranged quickly.

Some of the tests that we can provide include:

Blood Tests

  • pre-anaesthetic blood tests (before a procedure or anaesthetic)
  • more comprehensive profiles (for unwell patients)
  • organ specific blood tests
  • geriatric health screens (for older patients)
  • blood glucose monitoring (for diabetic patients)
  • phenobarbitol monitoring (for epileptic patients)
  • T4 monitoring (for patients with thyroid problems)

Urine Tests

  • assess for infection
  • assess for renal (kidney) disease
  • assess for glucose (diabetes)
  • assess for debris / stones / crystals
  • refractometry (measure the concentration of urine)

Microscopy & Cytology

  • assess skin / hair / blood / urine samples
  • use of microscope for assessment
  • able to use special staining techniques for further investigations
  • assess for parasites
Lab Services